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Chucky Beans | From Green to Grind!

Gourmet-roasted coffee beans for the perfect cup of coffee…delivered to your door

Six Simple Steps to Enjoying Better Coffee

1. Water

Always use Use filtered or bottled water.  Poor tasting water will produce poor tasting coffee.

3. Storage

Store roasted beans or ground coffee in airtight container away from light, heat and moisture at room temperature.

5. Ratio

Use digital scale, measure 30 grams of beans to 500 grams of water, modify to your taste.  With this amount it should take approx 3-1/2 minutes for full extraction.  If longer or shorter, adjust your grind.

2. Fresh Beans

Use freshly ground beans as soon possible.  Roasted beans have a freshness life of 7-14 days!

4. Grinding

Grind beans and use immediately.  Use conical burr grinder.  Do not buy ground coffee, it is stale.

6. Descale

Periodically descale your coffee maker for the best flavor.  As a rule of thumb, after you use a box of 90 coffee filters, it’s time to descale.

About Us

Chucky Beans is a family-owned and operated coffee roasting business located in Southern Wake County. Our goal is to provide the freshest coffee beans possible in order to enjoy one of life’s most satisfying gifts – a truly great cup of coffee! Our coffee may be found at LL Urban Farms on Holly Springs Road, or via home delivery to a selected area – please see our delivery map.

Contact Us – we’d love to hear from you!

(919) 795.7335          chucky@chuckybeans.com