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About Us | Chucky Beans

About Us

At Chucky Beans, our love of freshly roasted, quality coffee led us to start a small, family-run business based in Cary, NC. As residents of Wake County since 1990, we have built our lives around our four grown children and six grandchildren. One of my goals was to share my love of fresh coffee with my family and our neighbors and friends.

Since I was a young boy of seven (quite young indeed!), I have had a fondness for coffee. Over the years my love of coffee grew, as did my understanding of what makes a really good cup of coffee versus an average cup of joe. One of the main factors, in addition to the quality of the coffee beans, is their freshness.

Did you know that roasted whole beans should be used within about 2-4 weeks (assuming it’s stored in an airtight container)? That means those bags of whole beans in your favorite grocery store that have been on the shelf for several months have already lost much of their freshness.

And once the beans are ground, it is recommended they are used within 15 minutes? Yes – 15 minutes! This is why we deliver within 24 hours after roasting – to ensure you can grind the amount that is needed to create the absolute best cup of coffee possible.

We want to share our love of everything coffee in addition to becoming your premier coffee delivery service; so please be sure to check our Blog for the latest coffee products and tips and also check the section on our homepage called “Five Simple Steps to Better Coffee” to get started.

And let’s enjoy a great cup of coffee together!